Anderson Chau is a trained classical piano teacher with 8 years of teaching experience. He currently teaches over 40 students of all ages and experiences.


With a bachelor’s degree in Music from York University, Anderson has dedicated his life to the arts and is on a mission to educate the next generation of kids about music.


As a teacher, Anderson is patient, creative, confident and passionate about teaching. His passion and enthusiasm for music shines when he works with his students. He is extremely committed to a high standard of music education and provides only the best service to his students.

With his upbeat personality and unique teaching style that he’s developed over the years, his lessons are always exciting and engaging. Anderson believes that learning the piano should be fun and enjoyable for the student. It shouldn’t be another chore that the students feel like they have to do. 


Not only will the student have a great time in class, but they will learn quicker because practicing no longer becomes practicing.

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