Piano Lessons In Your Home

Full Time Piano Teacher

Pianist of 20 years

8+ Years Teaching Experience
Over 40 Active Students & Growing
BA Music Graduate From York University
RCM Exam Preparations Grades 1-10
Vaughan, Ontario

“A real education has to give equal weight to the arts, humanities, to physical education."


Music is everywhere; we hear it on the radio; we hear it in our favourite movies; we sing it in the showers. Even the whistling birds accompanied by the rustling leaves falling from the autumn trees can be considered music. Music is everywhere, and we cannot escape it. And why should we? It has been ingrained into us since the day we were born. It is the vehicle that calms the mind, loosens the body, and soothes the soul. Even if you haven't learned how to play a musical instrument, ask yourself: has music ever affected me in any way during my life time? I can assure you the answer is yes. Music is all around us and it's hard not to love such a wonderful art form.


Everyone can love music for what it is, but not everyone can play a musical instrument. Why not take the next step and learn how to play one? Whether you're 5 years old or 65 years old, everyone has the ability to learn. Learning the piano is a discipline that requires time and dedication, but the results and skills that we develop on this journey are priceless. Not only are we learning how to play the piano, but we are learning a universal language that is understood by everybody living on planet Earth. We may be of different backgrounds, different cultures and different religions; but all of us understand music, the notes played in between and the beauty that lies underneath.


As musicians, we put in so many hours, weeks, months, and even years into learning our craft. It wouldn't make sense for us to work so hard, only to have it be heard by the walls within our living rooms. Students and musicians alike should be given the opportunity to express their talents by getting up on stage and performing for their friends, family and community. Music should be shared among others and what a better way to do that than to express our hard work, passion, and dedication through performance.